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Ayn Rand Hero: Don Watkins on Freedom, Morality, and Equality

September 5, 20160 Comments

Don Watkins is one of today’s most vocal opponents of the welfare state and one of the great proponents of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. A fellow with the Ayn Rand Institute, Don is co-author, with Yaron Brook, of the national best-sellers Free Market Revolution and Equal is Unfair. He is also the author of RooseveltCare: How Social Security Is Sabotaging […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Writing Your “Hero” Story with Vinay Kolhatkar

August 30, 20160 Comments

Vinay Kolhatkar is the founder and Chief Editor of The Savvy Street. In his corporate career, he became the founding Chairman of Great Energy Alliance Corporation, and later the Chief Investment Officer of a A$5 billion fund. He has a masters in, and has published extensively on, finance and also a masters with High Distinction […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Objectivism Through an ‘Integral’ Lens with Michael Grady

August 20, 20160 Comments

This interview is part of the Integral Ayn Rand Series, where we discuss Objectivism through the lens of the Integral framework. In this episode, I had a conversation with Michael Grady – a fellow Integral enthusiast and someone who was curious about how I think Ayn Rand’s work fits into the Integral model that Ken Wilber […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Eduardo Marty – Promoting Objectivism and Challenging Postmodernism in Argentina (audio only)

August 3, 20160 Comments

In this episode of the Ayn Rand Hero Podcast, I sat down with Eduardo Marty to discuss the exciting (and challenging) world of bringing Objectivism and the work of Ayn Rand to Argentina – a country with heavy socialist tendencies.  (Note: this episode is audio only. the video recording broke 🙁 ) Eduardo was a […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Ilene Skeen – Self-Empowerment for Teens

July 29, 20160 Comments

This episode of Becoming An Ayn Rand Hero is a conversation with Ilene Skeen, author of the book “Liftoff: The Self Empowerment Guide For Teens. We talk about the inspirational quality of Ayn Rand’s work – especially for women – and the importance of thinking like an Ayn Rand Hero in school and life. Ilene […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Dale Halling – How Inventors Built the Modern Economy

July 28, 20160 Comments

This episode of Becoming An Ayn Rand Hero is a conversation with auther and patent attorney Dale Hallings.  In this conversation, Mark and Dale discuss the importance of property rights – especially patents – and the crucial role that ‘inventors’ play in our economy. We also discuss the relationship between the real-world economics involved in […]

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Coming Out Of The Ayn Rand Closet

July 28, 20160 Comments

I am an admirer of the novels and the philosophy of Ayn Rand. I think her insights are profound and her presentation of them poignant. I argue that, if people took her ideas seriously, the world will be a much better place. There. I said it. I am coming out of the Ayn Rand closet. […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Kimi Avary on Men and Women – Masculine and Feminine

April 21, 20160 Comments

This episode of Becoming An Ayn Rand Hero is a conversation with Kimi Avary, the Relationship Navigation Specialist. We talk about Man/Woman, Masculine/Feminine dynamics in romantic partnerships and how to incorporate the feminine into Ayn Rand’s philosophy. We cover a lot of practical and provocative ground about how to create partnerships that Thrive! (or […]

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Ayn Rand Hero with Robert MacNaughton on Integral Authenticity

April 14, 20160 Comments

This episode of Becoming An Ayn Rand Hero is a conversation with Robert MacNaughton, Executive Director of The Integral Center. The Integral Center offers trainings and a community center that integrates the Integral Philosophy of Ken Wilber with personal authenticity practices using a type of group process called Circling. In this conversation, Robert and I discuss both […]

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Perform Due-Diligence On Your Beliefs and Values

April 9, 20160 Comments

– Whether you like it or not, to be human is to be a philosopher, and your only choice is whether to be a good one or a bad one.  -Ken Wilber.   This morning, when you woke up, you inherited all of the choices that you have made in your life up to now. […]

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