Ayn Rand Hero: Reasoning With A.I. w/ Jay Friedenberg

November 28, 20160 Comments

What happens if intelligence grows faster than values and ethics?

The first atomic bomb was detonated on July 16th 1945.

The dizzying leap forward in our capacity to harness energy for fuel and for ammunition changed the way we understood politics, war and the protection of our own existence as a species.

Artificial Intelligence is bringing up a lot of the same fears (except this time it will be able to think for itself — in a manner of speaking … )

In this episode, Jay Friedenberg, scientist, author, and artist, joins me to discuss the dangers, the exaggerations and some of the implications of what an ‘intelligent technology’ might mean, the ethical implications that we need to consider and how we can move forward.

Check out some of the highlights:

  • Learning to be focussed on your work [4:00]
  • Why literature matters, and how it can help us [5:15]
  • The Two ‘False Alternatives’ of the Future (Terminators vs Utopia) [15:05]
  • The competitive advantages with new technology [25:00]
  • How technology effects the art we make [31:00]
  • Using technology to enhance our rationality [38:00]
  • Rationality and Ethics: Values in artificial intelligence [40:15]
  • What happens if computers become ‘Logically Omniscient’? [50:00]

Learn more about Jay at his faculty page or his artist website.



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