Ayn Rand Hero: Ed Hudgins – A Moral Technology

March 15, 20171 Comment

Join Mark Michael Lewis in a conversation with Ed Hudgins, founder of the Human Achievement Alliance, an author, political pundit, lover of technology, and transhumanist. Ed is a passionate force of nature. We explore a variety of topics about how Ayn Rand plays a role in various aspects of lives, including technology, epistemology, ethics, politics, and creative human endeavors. Enjoy the ride!

On The Fountainhead. [6:00]
How donuts can teach you about your hierarchy of values [11:00]
A technique for determining values through ‘rational consideration’ [13:00]
How to develop objective ethics [16:00]
Donald Trump and dealing with reality [19:00]
Idiots and assholes: how not to be either [23:00]
Practicing reason and creating good intellectual habits [29:00]
Environment vs Humanity – which comes first? [37:00]
How to be proud of your achievements [40:00]
The values of Roark and the politics of Galt (and how to develop them both) [45:00]
Implanting memories in mice, and other awesome breakthroughs [50:00]
The consequences of inaction: Precaution vs Proaction [58:00]
Why the Elves in Lord of the Rings were tired (and how to plan for a 100-year career) [1:03:00]
Are over-eating and altruism related? [1:14:00]
Is it altruistic to enjoy playing with your dog? [1:17:00]
Why we voted for Trump [1:23:00]

Ed [aht] EdwardHudgins.com

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