Relationships, Authenticity, and Metamodernism Oh My! with Zach Doctor

October 9, 2020

Enjoy the ride of a conversation about how to use Reason to understand Reality so that you can take Responsibility to Realize your highest values – in true Respect for others.Join Mark Michael Lewis and Zach Doctor as they explore HOW to create authentic, productive, and rewarding relationships by using the core principles of Ayn Rand in everything you do.

1:00 – Defining meta-modernism
9:15 – How OUGHT we treat others? Politics (at the personal level) relative to the 5 traits of the Ayn Rand Hero?
13:25 – An Ontological exporation of what has relationships go well or poorly
19:40 – Relating interpersonally in a way that we “do God’s work”
21:40 – Thriving – Heroic Meaning, Beautiful Profit, Sacred Joy more Heaven, less Hell
24:25 – Unequal distribution of capacities between people, organizations, and communities
29:15 – Creating a community of authentic and rational people
31:11 – Mark’s history and the context that lead to his work with Authentic Relating
35:39 – Turning philosophical clarity into practical real-world relationships to make them Thrive
37:23 – Approaching relating like a Game – so we can clarify our rules/expectations

38:25 – The greatest challenge in relating – Right/Right Relating vs Right/Wrong Thinking and Victim Self-Righteousness

45:12 – Mark and Bryan and Decker – Soul2Soul and the 5 Dimensions of Authenticity
48:27 – The Foundation of the 5 Traits of the Ayn Rand Hero – and Aiming For Better
51:00 – The most important move to make in relationship – Respect
54:55 – The mindset of Psychodynamic Therapy vs. Agency – different dimensions of Self-Realization

58:15 – The Self is the Agent – the Chooser with Free Will

1:01:01 – How Ought Agents interact with one another – Rational Self-interest
1:03:16 – The Principle of The Trader – Respecting the autonomy of the other
1:07:27 – The idea and championing of Dignity
1:07:53 – How Ayn Rand gives Mark so much value – and how people are willfully ignorant of it.
1:10:05 – Exploring ideas about why people don’t like Ayn Rand
1:14:02 – How we apply AYn Rand to individual relationships – trade and mutual agreements
1:16:05 – 2 reasons people don’t like Ayn Rand – 1. People don’t want to take personsl respnsilibilty
1:17:53 – Ayn Rand fans who do not treat people with dignity – don’t recognize the disparity in their power/capacitiies
1:19:45 – What is Power in the postmodern/marxist sense? An example.
1:22:19 – Postmodern and Objectivity analysis of power.
1:26:25 – is Ayn Rand’s idea a Utopia? and/or are people unreflexive and lazy and non-creative and bureaucratic.
1:33:04 – Ayn Rand says that free market capitalism is the only moral system – but in that system, problems occur. BUT there is not system in which problems don’t occur. – Does meta-modernism solve this?
1:37:10 – critiquing something for NOT being a utopia is not a valid critque – you must compare to alternatives – if it is the best possible, the fact that it has problems is an inappropriate criticism UNLESS it is put in context
1:39:53 – A critique of meta-modernism is pro socialist (democratic socialism)
1:41:06 – Exploring parts of the meta-modern political platform

Mark Michael Lewis is The Profitability Coach – guiding leaders to dramatically increase their bottom line in business, relationships, happiness, meaning, and life itself.

Mark is also the author of the Creating Thriving Partnerships, a 20-hours audio course to create fun, intimacy, and teamwork in your relationships –, and the Advanced Romance course to experience passionate, fulfilling, and transcendent sexual partnerships.

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