Ayn Rand Hero: Objectivism Through an ‘Integral’ Lens with Michael Grady

August 20, 20160 Comments

This interview is part of the Integral Ayn Rand Series, where we discuss Objectivism through the lens of the Integral framework.

In this episode, I had a conversation with Michael Grady – a fellow Integral enthusiast and someone who was curious about how I think Ayn Rand’s work fits into the Integral model that Ken Wilber has developed. He had some hard hitting questions about Ayn Rand’s philosophy, especially her take on selfishness – with grace and style.

Some interesting talking points that we touched on:

  • Where on the ‘spiral‘ Ayn Rand fits in [7:15]
  • What the ‘Pre/Trans’ fallacy is and the radical impact it has on how we understand Objectivism, rationality and  spirituality [10:02]
  • How some aspects of our thinking become ‘contaminated’ without a clear understanding of the Pre/Trans fallacy (and what to do about it) [21:50]
  • Understanding ‘peak experiences’ from different levels of development [30:05]
  • The Postmodern Contradiction & ‘Boomeritis’ [35:45]
  • The critical importance of a healthy Orange level of development in our lives [45:30]
  • Integrity – Agency & Communion: The dance between personal responsibility and sacrificing for the group [50:20]
  • The process we all use to get ‘real’ knowledge: The Three Strands of Valid Knowledge (for the geeks: Injunction, apprehension, and confirmation/falsification) [1:10:55]
  • The 5 Categories of Philosophy – Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Politics and Aesthetics [1:27:12]
  • How the ‘Ayn Rand Hero’ embodies the 5 aspects of philosophy [1:30:45]

If you want to know more about the colors (Blue, Orange, Green etc) and Integral, check out this quick intro to Spiral Dynamics, or a more intense intro to Integral Theory.

To connect with Michael about his work with leaders through Evolutionary Impact, you can connect with him on LinkedIn.



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