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Ayn Rand Hero: Kimi Avary on Men and Women – Masculine and Feminine

April 21, 20160 Comments

This episode of Becoming An Ayn Rand Hero is a conversation with Kimi Avary, the Relationship Navigation Specialist. We talk about Man/Woman, Masculine/Feminine dynamics in romantic partnerships and how to incorporate the feminine into Ayn Rand’s philosophy. We cover a lot of practical and provocative ground about how to create partnerships that Thrive! (or […]

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Ayn Rand Hero with Robert MacNaughton on Integral Authenticity

April 14, 20160 Comments

This episode of Becoming An Ayn Rand Hero is a conversation with Robert MacNaughton, Executive Director of The Integral Center. The Integral Center offers trainings and a community center that integrates the Integral Philosophy of Ken Wilber with personal authenticity practices using a type of group process called Circling. In this conversation, Robert and I discuss both […]

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Perform Due-Diligence On Your Beliefs and Values

April 9, 20160 Comments

– Whether you like it or not, to be human is to be a philosopher, and your only choice is whether to be a good one or a bad one.  -Ken Wilber.   This morning, when you woke up, you inherited all of the choices that you have made in your life up to now. […]

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Ayn Rand Hero – Michael Porcelli on Holocracy and Authenticity

April 1, 20160 Comments

A conversation with Coach and Consultant Michael Porcelli, an expert in the business organization model of Holocracy and founder of Authentic Direction Coaching. Michael is focused on helping individuals and organizations increasingly discover and integrate their values and desires in their life and careers. As a Holocracy consultant, he assists organization to bypass the sclerosis […]

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