Ayn Rand Hero: Adapting to the Future with Robert Tracinski

November 3, 20160 Comments

Robert Tracinski is a writer, lecturer and commentator on a wide range of topics – including politics, philosophy, objectivism, futurism and much more.

His latest work can be found at The Tracinski Letter and Real Clear Future – @Tracinski on Twitter – a must-read resource for all rational, objectivist thinkers who want current news and trends discussed in a clear, well-informed manner – with style.

In this episode we discuss all that and more – check out some of the highlights below:

  • The power of understanding axioms [10:45]
  • Is Atlas Shrugged really a political novel? [27:00]
  • A literary analysis of John Galt’s character [31:00]
  • The ‘Mary-Sue’ Effect & the trap of the Ayn Rand speech [41:00]
  • We are all futurists now: applying the philosophy of Ayn Rand in real life [45:30]
  • The future of knowledge work with AI [51:30]
  • Can AI have volition and motivation? [57:30]
  • With great power comes a greater need for rationality [1:08:00]
  • Self-correcting science confronting reality vs. runaway philosophy in the ivory tower [1:13:30]
  • The coming ‘Bureaucratic Singularity’ [1:16:00]

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