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Mark Michael Lewis is a Profitability Coach who guides entrepreneurs to make increasingly profitable decisions in their business, their relationships, and their quality of life. He created the Creating Thriving Partnerships 24 hour audio program -- especially intimate/romantic partnerships, but also in business and communities. Over the last 25+ years, Mark has trained 1000s of people, consulted with 100s of businesses, and coached 100s of individuals and couples to thrive. He is the host of the Talking Thrive podcast and the Becoming an Ayn Rand Hero podcast where he offers insights and interviews about how to live integrated thriving lives. Mark is the author of three nonfiction books, including "RelationDancing" and "The Key Is In The Darkness." You can learn more about his work at and

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Ayn Rand Hero: Marianna Brashear – FEE – Entrepreneurs, Economics, and Real Power

April 13, 20170 Comments

Join Mark Michael Lewis and Marianna Brashear in a conversation about the opportunity that the USA represents and the ideas that make it inspiring. As an Ukrainian immigrant who now serves as the Manager of Curriculum Development for the Foundation of Economic Education [ FEE ], Marianna earned and MBA in Entrepreneurship and is a […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Ed Hudgins – A Moral Technology

March 15, 20171 Comment

Join Mark Michael Lewis in a conversation with Ed Hudgins, founder of the Human Achievement Alliance, an author, political pundit, lover of technology, and transhumanist. Ed is a passionate force of nature. We explore a variety of topics about how Ayn Rand plays a role in various aspects of lives, including technology, epistemology, ethics, politics, […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Michael Newberry – Being A Heroic Artist

February 23, 20170 Comments

Join Mark Michael Lewis and artist Michael Newberry as they discuss the world of artistic creation in the context of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. Michael has been creating figurative art for over 40 years, combining his love of Rembrandt, Ayn Rand, and Puccini. Please be sure to encounter some of his work on his website Michael Newberry […]

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Independence Creed – It’s YOUR life. What are you going to do with it?

January 1, 20170 Comments

Independence Creed (This was originally published in 1999. I still find it clear and inspiring. Have a Thriving 2017!) I believe that the experiences of Love, Joy, and Creativity are the fruits of a well lived life. They are pleasant in their own their own right, and form the foundation of fulfilling relationships, successful/prosperous enterprises, […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Jennifer Grossman – CEO Atlas Society Social Strategy

December 29, 20160 Comments

Join Mark Michael Lewis and the CEO of The Atlas Society Jennifer Anju Grossman as they talk about how to bring the ideas of Ayn Rand to the wider culture – especially our youth. We especially discuss her thinking behind her provocative choice to write an op ed in The New York Times about how […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Postmodernism and Making Work Beautiful with Professor Stephen Hicks

December 13, 20160 Comments

Join Mark Michael Lewis and philosophy Professor Stephen Hicks in a conversation about an honest approach to knowledge and human thriving. In this episode, you’ll hear: Why you should always take arguments at their best [10:15] The reason why many philosophers are ‘left’ [16:00] How Objectivism is an ‘outlier’-philosophy [19:00] 3rd Generation Postmodernism and the […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Don Watkins on Freedom, Morality, and Equality

September 5, 20160 Comments

Don Watkins is one of today’s most vocal opponents of the welfare state and one of the great proponents of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. A fellow with the Ayn Rand Institute, Don is co-author, with Yaron Brook, of the national best-sellers Free Market Revolution and Equal is Unfair. He is also the author of RooseveltCare: How Social Security Is Sabotaging […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Ilene Skeen – Self-Empowerment for Teens

July 29, 20160 Comments

This episode of Becoming An Ayn Rand Hero is a conversation with Ilene Skeen, author of the book “Liftoff: The Self Empowerment Guide For Teens. We talk about the inspirational quality of Ayn Rand’s work – especially for women – and the importance of thinking like an Ayn Rand Hero in school and life. Ilene […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Dale Halling – How Inventors Built the Modern Economy

July 28, 20160 Comments

This episode of Becoming An Ayn Rand Hero is a conversation with auther and patent attorney Dale Hallings.  In this conversation, Mark and Dale discuss the importance of property rights – especially patents – and the crucial role that ‘inventors’ play in our economy. We also discuss the relationship between the real-world economics involved in […]

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Coming Out Of The Ayn Rand Closet

July 28, 20160 Comments

I am an admirer of the novels and the philosophy of Ayn Rand. I think her insights are profound and her presentation of them poignant. I argue that, if people took her ideas seriously, the world will be a much better place. There. I said it. I am coming out of the Ayn Rand closet. […]

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