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Being Worthy Of Happiness – John Yokela Brishon Martin part 2 – Ayn Rand Hero

October 27, 20200 Comments

Show Notes 03:00 – Discussing the ego as an ‘organism’ 05:00 – Why we experience happiness with a coherent story of reality 10:00 – How you experience “contradictions” reveals something critical about your standards 12:00 – Your stories about your experience are ‘power tools’ – learn to use them well 15:00 – Why goals always […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Meta-Ethics with John Yokela and Brishon Martin – Ego As Organism

December 11, 20180 Comments

Join Mark Michael Lewis, John Yokela and Brishon Martin on an epic journey into the land of meta-ethics and the philosophy of Ayn Rand. SHOWNOTES 4:00 how do we build an epistemology that’s based in ethics? 6:00 Rand’s idea of an evolving definition of a concept – knowledge is contextual 9:00 Rand’s model of the […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Wealth Is More Than Money with Kim Sawyer

December 22, 20160 Comments

In this interview, I sit down with business coach and creator of theWealthSource Kim Sawyer. Our conversation is packed with questions, answers and thoughts that will get you thinking about money, business, value and wealth (and Ayn Rand!) in ways you may not have considered before. The Shadows of Ayn Rand Heroes and the True Source […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Reasoning With A.I. w/ Jay Friedenberg

November 28, 20160 Comments

What happens if intelligence grows faster than values and ethics? The first atomic bomb was detonated on July 16th 1945. The dizzying leap forward in our capacity to harness energy for fuel and for ammunition changed the way we understood politics, war and the protection of our own existence as a species. Artificial Intelligence is bringing up […]

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The Moral Power of Music – Matthew Zachary Johnson

November 22, 20160 Comments

This episode, I invited composer and author Matthew Zachary Johnson to discuss the ‘moral power of music’. We discuss the power that certain kinds of music have to integrate (or frustrate) certain emotional experiences in real-time.  There are some powerful tips and insights into how you can use music to your benefit that I highly recommend […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Adapting to the Future with Robert Tracinski

November 3, 20160 Comments

Robert Tracinski is a writer, lecturer and commentator on a wide range of topics – including politics, philosophy, objectivism, futurism and much more. His latest work can be found at The Tracinski Letter and Real Clear Future – @Tracinski on Twitter – a must-read resource for all rational, objectivist thinkers who want current news and trends […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Rational Self Interest with Asa Idoni

October 12, 20160 Comments

This conversation with Asa Idoni – music producer and composer – is part of the Integral Ayn Rand series of Becoming An Ayn Rand Hero. In it, we get into the nitty gritty of human development, rationality, optimal human values and rational self interest. Some of the highlights: The art of rationality and skillful ‘synthesis’  (or […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: On Being Self-Made with William Thomas (of Atlas Society)

September 20, 20160 Comments

William Thomas is the Director of Programs and CFO at The Atlas Society. He is a writer, teacher, and educator on Objectivism and Ayn Rand. He is the author and editor of highly recommended books related to Objectivism, Political Theory, and Ayn Rand including: Radical For Capitalism Myths About Ayn Rand The Literary Art of […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Writing Your “Hero” Story with Vinay Kolhatkar

August 30, 20160 Comments

Vinay Kolhatkar is the founder and Chief Editor of The Savvy Street. In his corporate career, he became the founding Chairman of Great Energy Alliance Corporation, and later the Chief Investment Officer of a A$5 billion fund. He has a masters in, and has published extensively on, finance and also a masters with High Distinction […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Objectivism Through an ‘Integral’ Lens with Michael Grady

August 20, 20160 Comments

This interview is part of the Integral Ayn Rand Series, where we discuss Objectivism through the lens of the Integral framework. In this episode, I had a conversation with Michael Grady – a fellow Integral enthusiast and someone who was curious about how I think Ayn Rand’s work fits into the Integral model that Ken Wilber […]

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