Ayn Rand Hero: Adapting to the Future with Robert Tracinski

November 3, 20160 Comments

Robert Tracinski is a writer, lecturer and commentator on a wide range of topics – including politics, philosophy, objectivism, futurism and much more. His latest work can be found at The Tracinski Letter and Real Clear Future – @Tracinski on Twitter – a must-read resource for all rational, objectivist thinkers who want current news and trends […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: On Being Self-Made with William Thomas (of Atlas Society)

September 20, 20160 Comments

William Thomas is the Director of Programs and CFO at The Atlas Society. He is a writer, teacher, and educator on Objectivism and Ayn Rand. He is the author and editor of highly recommended books related to Objectivism, Political Theory, and Ayn Rand including: Radical For Capitalism Myths About Ayn Rand The Literary Art of […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Don Watkins on Freedom, Morality, and Equality

September 5, 20160 Comments

Don Watkins is one of today’s most vocal opponents of the welfare state and one of the great proponents of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. A fellow with the Ayn Rand Institute, Don is co-author, with Yaron Brook, of the national best-sellers Free Market Revolution and Equal is Unfair. He is also the author of RooseveltCare: How Social Security Is Sabotaging […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Writing Your “Hero” Story with Vinay Kolhatkar

August 30, 20160 Comments

Vinay Kolhatkar is the founder and Chief Editor of The Savvy Street. In his corporate career, he became the founding Chairman of Great Energy Alliance Corporation, and later the Chief Investment Officer of a A$5 billion fund. He has a masters in, and has published extensively on, finance and also a masters with High Distinction […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Ilene Skeen – Self-Empowerment for Teens

July 29, 20160 Comments

This episode of Becoming An Ayn Rand Hero is a conversation with Ilene Skeen, author of the book “Liftoff: The Self Empowerment Guide For Teens. We talk about the inspirational quality of Ayn Rand’s work – especially for women – and the importance of thinking like an Ayn Rand Hero in school and life. Ilene […]

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Ayn Rand Hero with Robert MacNaughton on Integral Authenticity

April 14, 20160 Comments

This episode of Becoming An Ayn Rand Hero is a conversation with Robert MacNaughton, Executive Director of The Integral Center. The Integral Center offers trainings and a community center that integrates the Integral Philosophy of Ken Wilber with personal authenticity practices using a type of group process called Circling. In this conversation, Robert and I discuss both […]

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Ayn Rand Hero: Kurt Keefner on Pretending vs. Authenticity in Life and Literature

February 14, 20160 Comments

A conversation with Author Kurt Keefner, author of Killing Cool: Fantasy vs. Reality in American Life. What do Ayn Rand’s characters reveal about living an authentic or a “pretender” way of life? Join author Kurt Keefner in an examination and exploration of the power of literature to uncover powerful principles to create a life of […]

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