Ayn Rand Hero: Meta-Ethics with John Yokela and Brishon Martin – Ego As Organism

December 11, 20180 Comments

Join Mark Michael Lewis, John Yokela and Brishon Martin on an epic journey into the land of meta-ethics and the philosophy of Ayn Rand.


4:00 how do we build an epistemology that’s based in ethics?
6:00 Rand’s idea of an evolving definition of a concept – knowledge is contextual
9:00 Rand’s model of the self from 3 different frameworks
12:00 the ‘biological self’ and Rand’s definition of the ‘psychological self’
15:00 Aristotle’s perspective on ‘flourishing’
16:00 flourishing vs happiness
20:00 the cycle of the self maintaining the self
32:00 what does Ayn Rand mean when she speaks about the ‘self’?
24:00 insanity as psychological death
26:00 shifting how we think about Rand’s work as we refine what she means by ‘self’
27:00 Rand’s fiction vs her nonfiction
29:00 The Fountainhead & Howard Roark
30:00 how Rand’s characters make Heroic Choices
33:00 integrating Rand’s concepts via her novels
34:00 contradictions between Rand’s novels and her nonfiction work
38:00 what is the difference between ‘rational’ and ‘objective’?
40:00 Terrence Deakin
44:00 Leanard Peikoff
50:00 egoism vs egotism
58:00 the false self
1:07:00 a central critique of Ayn Rand
1:08:00 how we can reintegrate emotions into morality without losing objectivity
1:15:00 Brishon’s story
1:32:00 resolving the problem between Moral Intuitionists and Objectivists
1:50:00 the ‘Big 5’
1:54:00 AI might replace our physical work – but we need humans to make art
2:05:00 Existentialism and meaning

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