Being Worthy Of Happiness – John Yokela Brishon Martin part 2 – Ayn Rand Hero

October 27, 20200 Comments

Show Notes
03:00 – Discussing the ego as an ‘organism’
05:00 – Why we experience happiness with a coherent story of reality
10:00 – How you experience “contradictions” reveals something critical about your standards
12:00 – Your stories about your experience are ‘power tools’ – learn to use them well
15:00 – Why goals always create obstacles, and what to do about it
20:00 – What Atlas Shrugged reveals about the nature of contracts between individuals
34:00 – Emotions are Messengers and Motivators
40:00 – Avoiding painful situations doesn’t work – here’s what to do instead
45:00 – Learning to define what “good” is – and why that matters
01:00:00 – Being ‘worthy’ of happiness vs being ‘capable’ of happiness, and what that means for your life
01:12:00 – Rand’s definition of happiness as a state of ‘non-contradictory joy”



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