Ayn Rand Hero: Writing Your “Hero” Story with Vinay Kolhatkar

August 30, 20160 Comments

Vinay Kolhatkar is the founder and Chief Editor of The Savvy Street.

In his corporate career, he became the founding Chairman of Great Energy Alliance Corporation, and later the Chief Investment Officer of a A$5 billion fund. He has a masters in, and has published extensively on, finance and also a masters with High Distinction in journalism. Vinay also studied screenwriting at various institutes, wrote a TV series pilot (And Justice for Some), and has penned two novels, A Sharia London and The Frankenstein Candidate.

He also has a very useful and insightful presentation on Objectivism for Everyday Living (right click and save to download) that covers more of how to apply the principles in Ayn Rand’s novels in our daily lives.

Click here to Download Vinay Kolhatkar’s notes on Objectivism for Everyday Living 

In this episode:

  • The two career paths young Indian men are pushed down [15:45]
  • Why children should watch more TV (but a specific kind of TV) [17:45]
  • The lessons we can get from who Ayn Rand’s characters are (and aren’t) [19:50]
  • Thought Experiment: Rewriting the story in books and movies – and how that can help you understand your life better  [28:45]
  • Rewriting your personal story using Rand’s fiction (especially The Fountainhead) as a starting point [33:03]
  • How to confront the ‘half-finished novel’ in your life (even if you’re not a writer) [40:45]
  • The Virtues of ‘Soulfishness‘ [57:30]
  • Objectivism for Everyday Living (or how to never be bored for the rest of your life) [1:05:30]



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