Ayn Rand Hero: Michael Newberry – Being A Heroic Artist

February 23, 20170 Comments

Join Mark Michael Lewis and artist Michael Newberry as they discuss the world of artistic creation in the context of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. Michael has been creating figurative art for over 40 years, combining his love of Rembrandt, Ayn Rand, and Puccini. Please be sure to encounter some of his work on his website Michael Newberry Artist, where he also writes articles on the philosophy of art as well as cultural commentary on the contemporary art world.

In this episode you’ll hear:

Michael’s choice between professional tennis and being an artist [7:01]
The importance of goals in life and art [11:30]
How he determines what subject/vision to paint [13:00]
Evil and beauty in the artistic process – as a self-portrait [16:07]
Critiquing Kant’s idea of beauty vs. the sublime [18:12}
The three axioms of visual art and painting [30:00]
The importance and inspiration of Aristophanes [34:50]
The thought and love of his latest drawing – of Puccini [39:37]
The relationship between the artist and his audience for a work [44:15]
Where to look for the answers to any piece of art [46:48]
The byproduct of beauty in his art [49:42]
Working based on inspiration and vision vs. commission [51:41]
Following your personal vision – not other peoples’ [58:07]
What he learned from Leontine Price [1:03:50]
The living development of an artist and their style [1:08:27]
Being willing to risk for your art, and unwilling to risk not doing art [1;12:48]
The importance of discovering, acknowledging, and tapping your genius [1:17:14]

Visit Michael at his website or on facebook.

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